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Greetings everyone!!

Now that the spring season is upon us, it’s time to look at ourselves with fresh eyes and a new sense of who we are, and who we want to be.  Part of this process involves looking at the self.  Listen to this podcast and find out how:

Happy listening, and welcome to the NuYou that you deserve to be!! Podcast Channel – Interview with Anamarie Sabbagh, Startup Grind Detroit

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Check out our latest podcast, an interview with Anamarie Sabbagh, Chapter Director of Startup Grind Detroit, the Detroit chapter of Startup Grind, an organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and business owners just starting out.  You will find interesting information about Anamarie and the Startup Grind organization.  Listen to it here:

For more information, you can visit Startup Grind and its Detroit chapter here:

I hope you will find this information useful.  If you have been considering starting a business of your own, I strongly encourage you to look up the local chapter of Startup Grind in your area.  Thanks for listening and here’s wishing the best for you all!! Podcast Channel – Interview with Carlos Sabbagh, Coffee of Origin

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This podcast has an interview with Carlos Sabbagh, founder of Coffee of Origin.  The company specializes in coffee grown in Colombia, with healthy properties, as well being a social enterprise that emphasizes the care and well being of its workers.  The coffee is prepared then shipped to West Bloomfield, Michigan, for shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.  Take a listen here:

For more information, you can visit the website here:

Thanks for visiting us, and enjoy. Podcast Channel – Compassion

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Compassion is something we all possess.  Whether we wish to display it or not, as human beings we have an innate ability to show concern for one another.  Listen to this podcast to find out more about compassion:

If you have any suggestions on topics or thoughts about our content, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected], or send us a message through this blog.  Thanks for listening and checking us out.  Much success to you on your journey to become the NuYou that you deserve to be. Podcast Channel – Interview with Terry Duperon, Good People Goods

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Our latest podcast is an interview with Terry Duperon, founder and creator of Good People Goods and Retail ProSales.  You’ll find interesting information about healthy foods, socially conscious products, and how to make a difference if you want to make products and services that do some good in our world.  Take a listen for yourself:

If you want more information, you can visit Terry’s websites here:

Enjoy!!! Podcast Channel – Crowdfunding Campaign

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Greetings everyone.

We have a special podcast for you.  It’s about our crowdfunding campaign.  We are raising money to improve the quality and scope of our podcasts, to include interviews, multimedia and other tools to help you become the NuYou that you deserve to be!!  Take a listen here:

Much success to you on your journey to becoming a better you, a NuYou.  Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions.  Happy listening, and become a patron today!! Podcast Channel – Worth


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Ever thought about your own worth?  Ever wondered what’s your purpose and where you believe your role in the world is?  Our latest podcast covers the concept of worth, and as you listen, take a few moments to reflect upon your own worth.  Check it out here:

Best to you and enjoy. Podcast Channel – Preparedness

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Hello to all of you out there, be you members, family, friends, or visitors just seeing this blog for the first time.

Ever feel like you never have been prepared enough in any time of your life?  Ever feel like being prepared has helped you in many different ways, in many different points in your life?

Listen to this podcast and find out how preparedness will help you become the NuYou that you deserve to be:

Happy listening, and please visit us again!!! Podcast Channel – Interconnectedness

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Hey everyone.

Our latest podcast talks about how we are all connected.  To further illustrate the point, think about the Internet, and how it and the World Wide Web connect us all.  So goes our existence as human beings.  We are all connected to each other.  Take a further listen to see how this works:

Happy listening.