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Happy New Year to all of you listening out there!!  This is the beginning of a new year, and a NuYou!!  To kick off the new year, this is a podcast that talks about redemption, starting anew of sorts, and a process of growth, change, and discovering yourself.   Listen to the link below:

This is your moment, for having redemption help you become the NuYou that you deserve to be!!! Podcast Channel – Interview with Deidra Hogue, The Traveling Pants Company Family and Friends, this is a must-listen podcast that you have to listen to now!!  It features Deidra Hogue, founder and creator of The Traveling Pants Company, an awesome mobile boutique that has inspired and helped countless women for their own styling, based right in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  You’ll hear how Deidra made her start, and her story is remarkable!!  Listen via the player below:

Many happy listenings to all of you!!

For more information about The Traveling Pants Company: Podcast Channel – Interview with Minyetta Nelson – Find D U, LLC

Hey All.  This podcast features an interview with Minyetta Nelson, a dynamic and powerful young entrepreneur hailing from Detroit, Michigan, USA.  She is the founder of Find D U, LLC, and she is an author and radio show host as well.  Listen to her powerful story right here:

More information:

Many well wishes to you all and enjoy listening!!! Podcast Channel – Interview with Terry Duperon, Good People Goods & Retail ProSales

Hello Family and Friends!!  This post includes another great interview with Terry Duperon, founder of Good People Goods and Retail ProSales.  He was gracious enough to grant us a returning interview, of which you can check out here and find out what he’s been up to lately:

More information: Podcast Channel – Interview with Timothy Gay, The Infinite Transition & My Self Care

Hi, everyone!!

In the spirit of wellness, we have a treat for you!!  This podcast is an interview with Timothy Gay, a phenomenal young theta healer and founder of The Infinite Transition and the My Self Care program.  His mission is to help as many people find healing for themselves as possible.  Take a listen:

For more information, visit

Happy listening, and here’s to your total health!! Podcast Channel – Interview with Enkaku Daruma (Scott Mangis)

Hello Everyone!!

Hope you all are doing well.  This podcast features an interview with Enkaku Daruma, a monk who practices Zen and resides in Tokyo, Japan. His life journey is one to admire, and he has a fascinating story to share. Special thanks to Nicole Mangis for coordinating this interview. Take a listen to Enkaku and his story, and I’m sure it will help you become the NuYou that you deserve to be!!

For more about Enkaku, you can view this video:
You can also contact Enkaku directly:  [email protected]